2010 December

After a lovely Thanksgiving week in Boulder with some of Roberta’s family we drove to Utah to spend Christmas with some of Dave’s family. When we arrived in Provo there was a bit of snow on the ground, but otherwise the weather was fairly mild, especially compared to what we had experienced on the road in Colorado and Wyoming. We divided our time between Dave’s parents home in Provo and his sister’s place in Payson (about 20 minutes south of Provo). We thoroughly enjoyed our “family” time during the holidays, making the most of our time eating, playing games, having fun in the snow, eating, getting acquainted with Dave’s parent’s new puppy Bebe, and more eating. Dave even found some tennis partners for Roberta (his parent’s neighbors) so she got to play some very competitive tennis THREE times! (And on the INDOOR BYU courts even!!)

Bike seat with snow 2Bike ride anyone? Little did we know what was to come…

Christmas 2010 007The great anticipation – remember those days of Christmas morning?

Christmas 2010 Coco in the middle of opening giftsChristmas morning at two of the McRae households.

Christmas 2010 021

Christmas 2010 015Don’t you just love the message !?

Christmas 2010 019

Christmas 2010 020

Two of our favorite gifts…

Bebe with DaveThe “dog hater” with Bebe – he’s just an old softy when it comes to THIS puppy!

Bebe under sofa looking upHer favorite game – hide & seek under the sofa

(where no one can catch her if she doesn’t want to do something)

Bebe on carpet 2And what’s not to love in this adorable face!

Bebe on Dave's shoulder closeupDave actually taught Bebe to “perch” on his shoulder like a parrot –

so when he steals her to take in the RV she can ride there (so he says).

After the first two weeks of lovely mild Utah winter weather we got to experience some REAL winter stuff – several successive snow storms and very cold (even by Utah standards the locals told us) temperatures. It was great to have the “true winter atmosphere” for the holidays – until some of the RV pipes froze and subsequently BROKE 😦 . The gory details aren’t necessary to tell, but suffice it to say it was quite a challenge for Dave to get us back on track in the torturous conditions, but, as usual, he DID rescue us (more than once) from sure disaster – & we lived to tell about our adventures once again 🙂

Eddingtons Home 12-15-10Dave’s sister’s house in Payson after the first big storm.

RV in Payson 12-15-10Our RV parked in their front yard (like our Christmas lights in the window?)

Snow 2 in Payson 12-15-10Is this a picture perfect postcard or what?

Sunset in Payson 12-15-10Winter sunset in Payson …

Bike seats in Provo Snow 12-21-10NOW who wants to go for a bike ride??

Provo Snow 2 12-21-10Winter wonderland in Provo

Provo Snow  RV & Roberta 12-21-10Is that an Eskimo in front of our RV? Oh no, it’s just Roberta.

And for all of our teacher friends out there – who’s on yard duty today??

Yard duty 1 Payson, UT

Yard duty 3 Payson, UT

Happy Holidays to all our friends and family!

Our blog will continue in January 2011….


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