2010 November

While in the Seattle area we visited many well known landmarks – the Space Needle, the Museum of Flight, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and a little town called Fremont that is famous for the giant troll living under the freeway. These pictures are worth thousands words, for sure!

WA Fremont Troll 1 farScary isn’t he? It’s hard to see in this photo, but he is holding a real VW bug in his left hand.

WA Fremont Troll - Dave's impression ofDave’s impression of the Troll

WA Fremont Troll with Hadley fingers close

On no! The Troll has caught our friends!!

Enumclaw Dave 2Enumclaw, Washington – More than 30 years ago Dave served his Mormon Mission here.

Seattle MofF Roberta in SR71 planeSeattle Museum of Flight

Test Pilot – new career for Roberta?

WA Volcano Evacuation Route SignOn the road to Mt. St. Helens. Comforting sign, isn’t it?

MtStH 3Beginning the drive up the mountain…

MtStH 34 Mtn. view 5and it gets even prettier…

MtStH 38 Mtn. view 9 Spirit LakeSpirit Lake in its new location since the 1980 eruption.

MtStH 45 Johnson Ridge Obseratory viewView from the top of the Johnson Ridge Observation Site (Mt.St.Helens)

(below) The mud flows are even more visible when covered by snow.

MtStH 47 Mud flow view

MtStH 51 blast  torn tree stump closeup

Even more than 3 decades after the eruption many trees still show the scars of the initial blast. The immediate area around the volcano has been preserved as a national monument so the natural evolution of the area after the volcanic eruption can be studied over time.


No trip to Washington state would be complete without a visit to

Mt. Rainier…

WA  Mt.Rainer 3

WA  Mt.Rainer 32The windy, snowy road was fun to drive.

WA  Mt.Rainer 36However, the turnoff we should have taken was not well marked and we ended up on a part of the highway that was supposed to be closed for the winter. But it turned out to be so lucky-

WA  Mt.Rainer 53We came upon this bridge so we stopped to look. The sign said “Box Canyon at Cowlitz” viewpoint. What a surprise – the canyon was over 300 feet deep! The bottom was BARELY visible to us.

WA  Mt.Rainer 52

WA  Mt.Rainer 83

The day after we saw Mt. Rainier we went to visit an old high school friend of Dave’s who now lives in Kelso, WA and took him with us to a place called “Ape Caves”. The caves are really a huge hollow lava tube left behind after a volcanic eruption many thousands of years ago. The lava cooled so quickly it was left hollow inside.

Ape Caves 12 Entry from StairwayThe entrance to the Caves

Ape Caves 10 Looking out to entryway closer

Ape Caves 5 Dave & RobertaTaking pictures was fun because it is so dark in the cave you cannot see ANYTHING. So you did not know until you snapped the picture what it was going to look like.

Ape Caves 13 Trail out Dave & DarylThe path leaving the caves was also scenic. This is Dave walking with his friend Daryl after leaving the Caves.

After leaving southern Washington we headed south and east through Oregon along the I-84 and the Columbia River. We stopped at Bonneville Dam, the first dam built by the PWA during the Roosevelt years, and crossed the River by way of the Bridge of the Gods in a tiny town called Stevenson.

OR Br of Gods view from bridge 1View of Stevenson from the Bridge of the Gods

OR Br of Gods view from bridge 2View of the Columbia River from the Bridge of the Gods

As the Thanksgiving holiday approached we made our way east to Boulder, Colorado to spend the week with Roberta’s brother’s family and her mom.

WY landscape winter 2010The November landscape along the I-80 in Wyoming.


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