2011 December

December 1-8

We left Pennsylvania and drove thorough Ohio.  We stopped for the weekend in Dayton to re-visit Dave’s high school friend – again they were great hosts!  We left early Sunday morning for Bloomington, Illinois, where we had an 8am appointment Monday morning.  When we got near Indianapolis we were greeted by pouring rain, thunder and lightening.  We had been planning to get new tires for the RV when we got to Arizona in January, but were thinking it might be better to do it sooner – maybe in Bloomington – because the winter weather was getting worse.  So wouldn’t  you know it – we had a flat tire outside of Indianapolis!  Just a few more hours and we would have made it to Bloomington!  After an hour and a half wait for the tow truck, we finally got back on the road & arrived safely in Illinois, just later than expected.  Three days in Bloomington, six new tires, and we were in business again.

In keeping with the Holiday spirit, we decorated the RV with lights, a wreath and window messages !

12-9-11 005 RV WreathOur Holiday wreath – handmade at a street fair in Ohio

12-9-11 006 RV WindowWindow decorations

12-9-11 003 Naperville, IL neighborhoodA white Christmas in Naperville, Illinois

12-9-11 002 Naperville, IL neighborhood

December 11

We still had a week to hang out in the Illinois area before we could go to our appointment in Missouri, so we decided to visit our friends in Janesville – on the Wisconsin/Illinois border.  They took us with them to get their Christmas tree – what fun it was!

Janesville Tree Farm 12-11-11 015A horse-drawn wagon took all us tree-hunters out to the field of trees

Janesville Tree Farm 12-11-11 003Dave, Jodi and Allison in the wagon

Janesville Tree Farm 12-11-11 005Roberta looks over the various choices

Janesville Tree Farm 12-11-11 009Choosing the perfect tree

Janesville Tree Farm 12-11-11 010Allison cuts down the chosen tree

Janesville Tree Farm 12-11-11 012Mark, Jodi and Allison bring in the tree

December 20-21

When we finally had finished with all of our appointments in Illinois and Missouri we quickly headed south.  After several hours of driving for a few days, our first holiday stop was at the home of Dave’s son Geoff and his new bride McKinzie in Fort Worth, Texas.  We had a lot of fun getting to know our new grandson, Adam, who Dave has nicknamed “Oscar”.

12-20-11 Fort Worth Skyline (distant)The Fort Worth skyline

12-20-11 Dave reads to Adam (far)Grandpa Dave reads a bedtime story to “Oscar”, his son Geoff’s new stepson

12-20-11 Geoff & Dave swing AdamGeoff and Dave spend some “quality time” with Adam!

December 22-31

We spent the rest of the holidays in Austin, Texas at the home of Roberta’s son, Mike.  Her older son, Kevin, joined us from his home in San Francisco for the first week and a half we were in Austin.

Austin 12-25-11The first thing we did in Austin was buy and decorate a Christmas tree

12-25-11 Austin Christmas 1A modern Christmas !

12-25-11 Kevin CookingWe had the pleasure of tasting Kevin’s wonderful cooking all week

Christmas 2011 K&M 05Of course Mom made the boys pose for the annual Christmas photo; and of course they laughed about it

Kevin & Mike 12-30-11On December 30th Kevin headed back to SF & at the airport proud Momma made the boys take another photo, of course.

We were in Austin for New Year’s Eve, but couldn’t seem to decide what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go.  And Mike was so tired from working that day he feel asleep at 11pm.  So Dave & Roberta stayed home and rang in the New Year watching the ball drop in Times Square on TV!  And that is how our 2011 ended.  See you in 2012…..


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