2012 February

February 1-10

Well, it is finally Academy Award month…And for us that means movie watching marathons of all the Nominees we have not yet seen.  We actually started our marathon in Mesa, but once we got to California we charged ahead to see all the movies that we couldn’t find in other parts of the country.  At least California is still worth something (lol)…

We are really here in California for Roberta to have some medical stuff taken care of.   Nothing serious; just something she has wanted to finish taking care of for a while now & we finally got around to having it done.  We will be here at least until the end of April; then we hope to do some local traveling in & out of California while she is rehabilitating until about June.  Obviously our travel posts will be somewhat limited for a while, but we will try to find something to blog about in the meantime.  For example –

Here is our summation of the Academy Award Nominated films so far – don’t bother seeing The Iron Lady or The Tree of Life.  In the first Meryl Streep is her usual wonderful self, but this is not the best performance of her career & the movie is a total flop in our humble opinion.  And the second one, well, neither of us understand the point of it and did something we RARELY do – turned it off halfway through and did not finish it.

We highly recommend these nominees – The Artist, Hugo, The Descendants, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, W.E. (should have had more than just the one nomination!), Moneyball, War Horse, The Help, Albert Nobbs (this one should have received MUCH wider release; Glenn Close & her co-star are GREAT),  My Week with Marilyn (Michelle Williams does an incredible job as Marilyn) The Ides of March and Margin Call.  We did not like ANY of the animated Shorts, but we liked ALL the live action Shorts.  And of course we are rooting for Rango to win Best Animated Film (It was the last movie Roberta’s son worked on before leaving Lucasfilms and is the second film on which he got his name in the credits.  His first film was Avatar, so it would be cool if “his film” won this year too.)

We now just have the 11 films that are out on DVD to see before the Awards in 2 weeks.  That will give us something to fill our time while Roberta is recovering from her surgery.

We will let you know what we think of those films in the next post!

February 11-24

Roberta is recovering very quickly from her surgery.  She loves lying in bed in the hotel room while Dave cooks her meals, fluffs her pillows, and brings her DVDs to watch…….

2-3-12 Parking LotAren’t those California drivers wonderful :-O

Roberta in hospital 2-15-12Roberta’s surgery went even better than expected!

2-18-12 Get Well Bouquet 002Roberta can always count on her boys to  cheer her up

February 25

We have now completed our movie viewing and are ready for the Awards tomorrow!  We managed to see more of the nominated movies this year than ever before – pretty much only missed some of the foreign films and the documentaries.

2-18-12 Coach Amy with Dave

Look who Dave bumped into while doing the grocery shopping – Coach Amy!

2-22-12 Roberta leaving motel  in RV

Roberta is ready for a change of scenery after a week recuperating in a local motel.  We both looked forward to moving back into the RV!  (as long as Dave keeps doing the cooking and cleaning 😉 )

February 26

Hey! This is the first year we didn’t miss the monologue…So here is our tally – Dave and Roberta each predicted 8 of the awards correctly.  We were both wrong on 10 of them.  Now we can start watching the movies that might be nominated next year….

February 27-29

We are now resting in a campground near Redlands, California.  It has been lovely weather, including one cozy rain-soaked day, and we are really enjoying the relaxation!  Roberta gets noticeably stronger every day and is loving “catching up” on doing the things she wouldn’t normally sit still long enough to do.  We feel like the luckiest people in the world to be living this vagabond lifestyle!!!

2-27-12 RV CakeBaking is one of Roberta’s favorite things to do to pass the time

2-22-12 Roberta relaxing in RV

Ahhhh…this is the life……..


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