2012 January

January 6-10

After another relaxing week in Austin, hanging out with Roberta’s son at local bars playing Pub Trivia, watching movies at the local theatres, catching up on missed TV shows on Netflix Instant, and spending hours playing (and working) on our computers, we finally decided it was time to go.  After all, we had a new grandson to meet and a 1200 mile drive ahead of us to get there.  So what happens next?  The house in Austin develops a water leak !!

As tempted as we were just to skip town, we didn’t, and Dave did what he could Thursday evening and Friday morning to stop the leak.  We then decided the best thing to do was wait for things to dry up so we could be sure all was ok, so we went back to Fort Worth for the weekend to play with our other “new” grandson, then returned to Austin to check up on things.

Then, of course, western Texas had a freak snowstorm, so we had to wait one more day to hit the road.  But, at long last, on Tuesday morning we headed for Mesa, Arizona.  600 miles later we STILL hadn’t reached the New Mexico border – you don’t really know how huge Texas is until you try to cross it in one day !!

So one night in a Texas Walmart parking lot, about 120 miles through southern New Mexico, another Walmart night, this time in Tucson, and on Wednesday afternoon we finally arrived in Mesa.

1-7-12 Adam 001In Texas, Adam watches intently as Grandpa reads to him

1-7-12 Adam 004Grandpa teaches Adam to “fly”

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 002In Arizona, Trek & Tricity (Tyler & Emma) enjoy the lollipops from Grandma and Grandpa McRae

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 008Tyler practices his hippy moves – like grandpa, like grandson!

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 009Proud grandpa with his newest grandson…

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 011Jacob!

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 016Grandpa has a unique way of carrying Jacob 🙂

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 020Mommy is a pro when it comes to bathing Jacob

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 024One of our favorite games to play with Trek & Tricity – Break the Ice

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 029Proud big brother Tyler (aka Trek) shares a moment with grandpa and baby brother Jacob (aka GO, Jr.)

Note – Grandpa gives all grandkids a nickname.  If you are wondering where the nickname “GO, Jr.” comes from here’s a hint – Jacob was born on November 20th, great-grandpa McRae’s birthday.

AZ - Mesa Grandkids 1-22-12 033Tyler is getting a feel for “RV fever”

January 19-26

We left Mesa to spend our annual week in Quartzsite, AZ with friends, camping out on BLM land and checking out the annual RV Show.  We then returned to Mesa for a few more days with the grandkids before heading out to California.

AZ - Quartzsite 1-2012 001Roberta entertains our friend’s dog, Chloe, at the Quartzsite campground

AZ - Quartzsite 1-2012 004Chloe checks out our RV

AZ - Quartzsite  1-23-12 004

That’s us…

AZ - Mesa 1-2012 006Our annual family portraits in Mesa

AZ - Mesa 1-2012 002Compare this one to last year’s – the kids get older but we don’t (ha ha)!!

January 27-31

Another reason we returned to Mesa was to pick up some sliding shelves we had ordered for the RV.  Dave spent a day installing them, and then another day installing “wall to wall carpeting” in the RV.  The “carpeting” was sort of an accident (just like in a home, one thing leads to another when you start making home improvements!)  But we are very happy with the results!

1-2012 RV Improvements 01Now Roberta doesn’t need a stepping stool to get stuff out of the cabinetyeh!

1-2012 RV Improvements 05This is our version of wall-to-wall carpeting

1-2012 RV Improvements 06


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