2012 March

March 1

We celebrated Roberta’s 58th birthday today by totally relaxing at our campsite at Fisherman’s Retreat in Redlands, California.  Roberta had been up until 1am Skyping with her sister who lives in the  Philippines, so she welcomed a lazy day of doing nothing!!  AND, her cell phone kept ringing all day long as friends and family wished her Happy Birthday!

CA - Fisherman's Retreat 012

Roberta was able to get in her daily walk (doctor’s orders!) walking around the campground lakes.  She went a bit farther each day, so she felt like she was accomplishing something!

CA - Fisherman's Retreat 008

CA - Fisherman's Retreat 003

After a few days walking around the smaller lakes, she tackled the larger one – whoo hoo!

CA - Fisherman's Retreat 002

March 4

Dave had made Roberta promise to let him take her out to a nice birthday dinner after they left the campground, so tonight was the night.  We pigged out at a Thai restaurant in Murrieta – Thai Orchid – and the food was fabulous.  If you like Thai food, you will NOT be disappointed eating here!!

Roberta's Birthday Dinner 2012 001

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…

Roberta's Birthday Dinner 2012 002 Thai Ice Tea Rose

Look at this beautiful rose they made with the straw paper on our Thai Ice Teas

Roberta's Birthday Dinner 2012 004 Spring Rolls Appetizer

We started with 4 appetizers – Spring Rolls…

Roberta's Birthday Dinner 2012 005 Shrimp & Calamari Appetizers

…Shrimp & Calamari…

Roberta's Birthday Dinner 2012 006 Chicken Satay

…and Chicken Satay.

Roberta's Birthday Dinner 2012 007 Pad Thai

Dave’s entree – Pad Thai

Roberta's Birthday Dinner 2012 008 Panang Salmon & Brown Rice

Roberta’s entree – Panang Salmon with Brown Rice

Roberta's Birthday Dinner 2012 009 Good to the Last Bite!

Good to the last bite!!

We actually took home so many leftovers we had lunch on Monday and Roberta still had some salmon for another day.  Yummy…

March 8-13

We arrived at Dave’s sister Tricia’s house in Temecula on Friday evening and enjoyed a weekend of family fun, including the Sunday Service at which the homecoming of Dave’s twin nephew’s, Matt and John,  was celebrated.  (They had been serving Mormon Missions in Australia until just 2 weeks ago.)  We spent the next few days shuttling between the homes of his other sister, Judy, in Murrieta and this one.  It was great to spend time with them and their families, and we really appreciated their hospitality!!

March 15-18

While in Temecula with family we just happened to find out that the following weekend was the annual Old Town Temecula Bluegrass Festival. It was very inexpensive and there was RV camping available so, naturally, that is where we headed for the next weekend.

3-14-12 CA -  PechangaWe had to check out the local Indian casino

CA -  3-17-12 Old Town Temecula 001One of our first stops in Old Town was this “retro” record shop

CA -  3-17-12 Old Town Temecula 004 Dave with albumDave finds an “original” Grateful Dead album

CA -  3-17-12 Old Town Temecula 005 Yummy Crepe!We also found this great crepe place – yummy!!

CA -  3-17-12 Old Town Temecula Bluegrass Festival 008The bluegrass music was fantastic!  Because of the rain, the performances were moved indoors into Granddadz Hot Dogs.

CA -  3-17-12 Old Town Temecula Bluegrass Festival 010A band called Bluegrass Etc was one of our favorites – what amazing talent!

CA -  3-17-12 Old Town Temecula 013 Dave with his  St. Pat's BeerSaturday being St. Patrick’s day, we had to find somewhere to get our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner.  And of course Dave had to have his Guinness with the meal.

CA -  3-18-12 Old Town Temecula 002A view of downtown Old Town

CA -  3-18-12 Old Town Temecula Bluegrass Festival 004Another one of the many great bands we listened to

March 19-23

From Temecula we headed south to San Diego.  We wanted to see the famous “Sunny Jim” cave and Roberta had never been to Torrey Pines State Preserve.  On our way to the cave we discovered La Jolla Children’s Pool near Shell Beach.  What a treat!

CA - SD  3-19-12 001 Shell Beach

We’d forgotten how beautiful the Pacific Ocean could be

CA - SD  3-19-12 003 Shell Beach

Shell Beach

CA - SD  3-19-12 006

CA - SD  3-19-12 007 Children's Pool Pelicans PerchOn a nearby ledge we could see a community of pelicans resting

CA - SD  3-19-12 013 Children's Pool SquirrelAnd of all critters, we saw squirrels at the beach!

CA - SD  3-19-12 023 Children's PoolLa Jolla Children’s Pool

This area is a tiny cove protected by a concrete breakwater. It was once a swimming area for children until the seals and sea lions moved in. Now visitors can enjoy the added bonus of an ongoing marine mammal show courtesy of the seals and sea lions that play in and around the shore or at Seal Rock, their offshore reserve.

CA - SD  3-19-12 017 Children's Pool Seal Mom & PupMother and baby share some “quality time”…

CA - SD  3-19-12 018 Children's Pool Seal Mom & Pup…then head back up onto the beach

CA - SD  3-19-12 031 Children's PoolIn some areas you can get up close & personal with the seals.  But you must be very careful not to disturb them, as they as protected from human harassment by federal law.

CA - SD  3-19-12 032 Children's Pool

CA - SD  3-19-12 038 Children's Pool  Smiling SealThe smile on this guy’s face says it all

CA - SD  3-19-12 040 Children's Pool DaveDave looks out over the Pacific from the walkway above the cove

CA - SD  3-19-12 048 Children's Pool  SquirrelAnother squirrel enjoys lunch in the ice plant that covers the side of the cliff overlooking the cove

CA - SD  3-19-12 049 Lifeguard PhoneSomeone did a lot of work on this old lifeguard phone stand!

CA - SD  3-19-12 050  Bull SealA little way away from the cove we saw more seals sunning themselves on the rocks.  This handsome bull seemed to be the “king” of this group, enjoying his own private rock.

CA - SD  3-19-12 056 Seal Rock“Hey look!  It’s a bird, no it’s a plane…”

CA - SD  3-19-12 060 Kids Copy Seal on BeachOn yet another stretch of the beach these kids were copying this seal’s every movement…until he let out a loud cry that sent them all running in fear!

CA - SD  3-19-12 063 Sunny Jim  CaveAs we walked toward the La Jolla Shell Shop, where the entrance to Sunny Jim’s Cave is, we could see the Cave from the outside

CA - SD  3-19-12 073   La Jolla Shell ShopLa Jolla Shell Shop

CA - SD  3-19-12 071 Sunny Jim  Cave DaveDave gets ready to go down the stairway to the Cave

CA - SD  3-19-12 069 Sunny Jim  Cave steps144 steps down to the Cave

CA - SD  3-19-12 065 Sunny Jim  CaveWow! It looks exactly like the postcards!

CA - SD  3-19-12 066 Sunny Jim  CaveWhen you get up close to the opening that is “Sunny Jim” you can clearly see the Pacific Ocean on the other side

CA - SD  3-19-12 075 Indulgence!After all the walking we did, we decided to “indulge” ourselves – Roberta made a purchase at Victoria’s Secret and we both had dessert crepes at a new crepery near the beach

The next day we headed for Torrey Pines.

CA - SD 3-20-12 Torrey Pines 017We walked to “Razor Point” at Torrey Pines and enjoyed these wonderful views from there

CA - SD 3-20-12 Torrey Pines 015

CA - SD 3-20-12 Torrey Pines 014

CA - SD 3-20-12 Torrey Pines 007

We had reservations at a campground in Julian for the night.  But boy were we surprised to see it covered in snow!  By the time we left the campground, almost all the snow had melted.

CA - SD 3-20-12 JulianUnexpected snow in Julian

March 24-31

We headed back to say farewell to our southern California friends, then headed to Utah for a surprise 80th birthday party…


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