2012 July

July 1-5

We finished out the month of June and started July back in SF with Roberta’s older son, Kevin.  Then we headed east to Quincy, CA where we would be enjoying four days at the High Sierra Music Festival.

7-1-12 CA - SF, Kev & Dave 2Dave and Kevin chat while we wait for a table at one of Kevin’s favorite restaurants.  We rode there on our bikes from his apartment – this time Roberta was able to make it all the way!!

7-1-12 CA - SF, Kev & MomRoberta and Kevin ready to order breakfast

7-4-12 CA - Road to Quincy 1

The road to Quincy took us through the mountains and along the edge of the Feather River.  Here we were close enough to see a jetskiier in the water.

7-4-12 CA - Road to Quincy 3

At some points along the road we were higher up and got a more expansive view of the river

7-4-12 CA - Road to Quincy 8

We passed thorough several of these cool tunnels

7-4-12 CA - Road to Quincy 13

Then we were right back down at the river’s edge

7-4-12 CA - Road to Quincy 17

July 5-8

This was our second visit to the High Sierra Music Festival – the first time we went was shortly after we met in 2005.  We were really looking forward to the great music, food, people, and other fun activities and were not disappointed!

7-5-12 CA - HSMF, RV closerWe parked our RV, set up, and got a good night’s sleep to be ready for the next few days of festival

7-5-12 CA - HSMF 1

The main stage was busy every day

7-5-12 CA - HSMF 3

7-6-12 CA - HSMF WorkshopThe second day Dave attended a Grateful Dead workshop

7-7-12 CA - HSMF Parade 6The third day there was a parade that included stilt walkers …

7-7-12 CA - HSMF, Jerry 3…and a very large Jerry puppet!

7-8-12 CA - HSMF 2Sunday we attended the gospel service provided for our listening pleasure on one of the three festival stages

7-8-12 CA - HSMF 4, Dr.Bronner'sMany vendors had booths set up at the festival, but this was one of the best!  Dr. Bronner’s booth had a “shower” of sorts set up (the blue & yellow “bottle” in the photo) where anyone who wanted could go inside (for a small fee) with a group of fellow showerers and shoot each other with foamy soap.  Needless to say it was a big hit – given the heat and dust that pervaded the festival grounds!

The man in this picture is actually festival goer who is also a Dr. Bronner employee and had just emerged from the shower with his little son, who delighted in balancing on daddy’s hand – a future gymnast perhaps??

July 9-15

From Quincy we traveled through Reno, Nevada where Roberta added to her tattoo collection and then through Salt Lake City, where we visited with our friends Dave & Kimberli. We met up with Dave’s parents at their home in Provo on our way south to St. George, Utah for the McRae Family Reunion.

7-10-12 NV - Reno

Reno TattooTarapin Station now is permanently on Roberta’s ankle

7-13-12 NV to UT 2We saw several bicyclists on this highway – brave souls in this intense heat!!

July 16-23

Once we got to St. George we knew that we would be spending a LOT of time in the pool – it averaged between 98 & 105 degrees all week!!

7-17-12 UT - McRae Family Reunion, Dave in pool 2Grandpa Dave had a lot of fun throwing grandkids around in the pool – and of course the grandkids loved it.  Here he just finished tossing Trek (Tyler) up in the air so he could splash back down into the water.  It happened so fast the camera could only catch the splash.  By the end of the week Tyler was doing flips off the edge of the pool into the water!

7-17-12 UT - McRae Family Reunion, Shannon & GO Jr.2Cousin Shannon really enjoyed babysitting whenever she got the chance.  Here she is “sharing” a Cheeto with GO, Jr. (Jacob)

7-18-12 UT - Tuacahn 3Garry and Ann treated all of the adults to two performances at the famous Tuacahn Theatre in St. George.  Here you see how they used the natural rock behind the stage for the setting of one of the plays we saw, Aladdin.  The next night we saw Hairspray.  Both performances were delightful.

7-19-12 Dave & His Kids1During the family photo session Dave posed with his three kids, Aubrey, Geoff and Joel

7-19-12 McRae Grandkids 2Then we took a photo with the four grandkids – left to right, Tricity (Emma), Oscar (Adam), Trek (Tyler) and GO, Jr. (Jacob).

(Grandpa Dave gives every grandchild a nickname.  The names in parentheses are the “real” names, in case you’re wondering why the other names seem so strange!)

7-19-12 McRae Kids & Grandkids 2And here is the whole Dave McRae clan together – standing left to right, Kinzie (Geoff’s wife) holding her son Adam, Geoff (holding Aubrey’s son Tyler), Aubrey (holding her youngest son, Jacob), and Joel (holding Aubrey’s daughter Emma).  Grandpa Dave and Grandma Roberta are seated in front.

July 27-31

From St. George we headed for California, with a quick 2-day stay in a place neither of us had ever really been – Pahrump, Nevada.  Not a particularly exciting place, but the RV park was nice!


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