2012 August

August 1-6

We spent our first few days back in California with our good friends Cindy & Mike in Buena Park, then went to Sunset Beach to stay with our other good friends John & Patty. It sure is nice to have such great friends to come “home” to when we are in California!! We sooo appreciate their hospitality and friendship!

Duncan the Cat 2 8-6-12Our friends in Sunset Beach were caring for their neighbor’s cats while we were there. Roberta especially like this one ‘cuz his name is “Duncan”.

On Saturday, August 4th we attended Dave’s 35th Loara High School Reunion in Anaheim. Unfortunately, all five of his best friends who were supposed to attend cancelled at the last minute or did not show up! Needless to say it was not the best of evenings for Dave.

Loara 35th ReunionDave and Roberta “enjoying” the Loara Reunion, sort of!

August 11-12

The following weekend was to be Roberta’s 40th Glendale High School Reunion, so we headed for that area to pass some time before the reunion and ended up spending several nights camping in the Angeles National Forest and watching several hard-to-find independent movies at one of our former favorite theaters in Pasadena.

As luck would have it, Roberta’s reunion turned out to be marvelous!! She was thrilled to reconnect with so many old friends and even a few teachers that attended. In fact, Saturday evening was so much fun Roberta decided she wanted to go to the picnic on Sunday also.

GHS 40th Reunion - Table DecorationsCool decorations – that is all FRUIT carved up!!

GHS 40th Reunion - Kathy Rust, Carol Cross, Kim Halloran, Ed FongWe couldn’t put ALL the pics we took at the reunion in the blog, so this one is a tribute to some of the dedicated prople who spent so much time and effort organizing the reunion. Left to right – Kathy Rust, Carol Cross, Kim Halloran, & Ed Fong. (Sorry we don’t know all your married names!)

GHS 40th Reunion - Teacher Jo NessOne of Roberta’s favorite teachers at Glendale High was her dance teacher, Miss Jo Ness, who was one of the few teachers who attended the reunion. Here Roberta poses with Miss Ness.

GHS 40th Reunion Picnic 1Sunday’s picnic was almost as much fun as Saturday night. Here is a group photo of the Sunday crowd – sorry, not gonna name everyone in THIS pic!!

While in Glendale Roberta wanted to drive by her old house on Mountain and Geneva. Some things have changed there in the short time since her parents moved away – but not so much that it didn’t look familiar.

800 E. Mountain St. August 2012 - front door view closeup800 E. Mountain Street, front door view

800 E. Mountain St. August 2012 - Geneva St. view

The more common view was from the Geneva Street side

August 13-31
We spent the week after Roberta’s reunion visiting one more time with as many of our California friends as time would permit. A concert in the park, a walk along the beach, hot tubbing, and finally a fun-filled party on our last Saturday night. On August 26th we headed toward our next destination. Dave decided he didn’t want to waste any time so he drove two long stretches and we arrived at his parent’s home in Provo, Utah by Monday evening. Hanging out at his parent’s place is always fun & relaxing! Lots of chatting, card playing and watching good movies or tv shows together and an occasional bike ride. In fact, we were enjoying our stay so much we didn’t leave Friday morning as planned. Instead we stayed until Saturday before heading out east again. Next destination – Fort Collins, Colorado.


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