2012 November

Quite unexpectedly, November proved to be a very busy and exciting month…….

November 2

Voting Day and we are actually in Austin to vote in person!  We also spent election night at a bar on 6th Street with a group from the Human Rights Campaign – where we CELEBRATED so many election night victories for equality and human rights all over the USA!!

11-2-12 TX - Austin, Early VotingWe actually voted early – this line is the Friday before Election Day, which was the last day for early voting in Texas, hence the long line!

November 11-18

Shortly after arriving in Austin we got a call from some California friends with whom we haven’t spoken in a long time.  They now work with a travel agency that books cruises and they had a few last minute cancellations (thanks to Hurricane Sandy) and wondered if we would like to take a last minute cruise….let us think….duh, YES!  So we booked flights from Austin to Orlando, shopped for Dave’s new clothes (for those who don’t know, Dave recently lost 60 pounds and literally had NOTHING to wear), packed, and arranged to leave the RV at the Austin airport – all in 3 short days, whew!!

11-11-12 Cruise 2 - Port Canaveral, FLPort Canaveral, Florida, where our cruise ship was docked

11-11-12 Cruise 3 - Pool DeckThe pool deck just before leaving port

11-12-12 Cruise 4 - View of Cruise Ship from Coco CayA view of our cruise ship from the tender that took us to our first port of call

11-12-12 Cruise 5 - Coco CayCoco Cay, Bahamas – our first port of call

11-13-12 Cruise 7 - Main PromenadeThe Promenade Deck of our ship

11-14-12 St.Thomas, VI 2 - Dave & RobertaOur second port of call – St.Thomas, Virgin Islands

11-14-12 St.Thomas, VI 13 - Entrance to Blackbeard's CastleIn St.Thomas we visited Blackbeard’s Castle

11-14-12 St.Thomas, VI 16 - View of Cruise Ship in Harbor from Blackbeard's CastleLooking out from Blackbeard’s Castle to the bay where several cruise ships were docked

11-14-12 St.Thomas, VI 10 - Sun over Harbor

Sunset in St. Thomas from the deck of the cruise ship

11-14-12 St.Thomas, VI 36 - Pirate's Nite, DaveDave dresses for Pirate Night on the ship

11-15-12 St. Maarten 3 - beachOne of the beaches we visited on St. Maarten

11-15-12 St. Maarten 11 - beach

11-15-12 St. Maarten 22 - PhilipsburgDave explores downtown Philipsburg, St. Maarten

11-15-12 St. Maarten 29 - Allure of the Seas, biggest cruise ship in the worldThis cruise ship, Allure of the Seas, was parked next to ours when we docked in St. Maarten and it made ours look like a toy ship in comparison!  We later learned that it is the largest cruise ship in the world!

11-15-12 St. Maarten 35 - View of St. Maarten harbor from our cruise ship

A view of the St. Maarten harbor from our ship

11-15-12 St. Maarten 42 - Wave machine on cruise shipOn one of the top decks of our ship was this wave machine where you could try boogie boarding or body surfing – which neither of us found time to do!

11-15-12 St. Maarten 48 - SunsetThe sun sets on smaller craft as we leave St. Maarten

11-15-12 St. Maarten 54 - Stateroom ArtOne of the small pleasures of the cruise was finding the cute little towel creatures made by our stewards each day upon our return to our stateroom.  This one in particular was amusing, because it “looked” so much like Dave (with the remote in his hand watching tv).  Dave had been having regular conversations with our steward and really liked him, so decided to return the favor….

11-16-12 Cruise 8 - Stateroom Art, Dave's CreationDave’s creation – complete with our steward Darryl’s name tag attached!  Dave had been telling Darryl to “take a break” instead of cleaning our room everyday, so here’s “Darryl” with his feet up, smoking a cigar, drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and watching our TV,  just like Dave told him to 🙂

11-18-12 Cruise 1 - Dave & Roberta with MGJust before leaving the ship at the end of our cruise we posed for this picture with the “James Bond Car” that had been on display in the Promenade of the ship all week

As if this all wasn’t enough activity for one month, let’s add one more thing … November 20th was Dave’s dad’s 80th birthday and a surprise party was in the works for him for that day in Utah.  Shortly before learning of the cruise we had already booked Dave a flight to Utah so he could surprise his whole family by showing up at his dad’s party.  Since none of them knew of his monumental weight loss, it would be an understatement to say that his family members were shocked (in more ways than one) to see him there!!  So after the cruise we landed back in Austin on Sunday evening, then Dave returned to the Austin airport on Monday for his trip to Utah, then he flew back to Austin on Wednesday afternoon just in time to drive to Fort Worth for Thanksgiving…whew, again!

11-20-12 Garry McRae 80thGarry turns 80

November 22-30

We spent Thanksgiving in Fort Worth, Texas with Dave’s oldest son, Geoff, his wife, Kinzie, and step-son, Adam.  They were also expecting a daughter about mid-December.

11-22-12 Dave & Geoff compare belliesDave (left) and his son Geoff (right) compare tummies – who has the belly now??!

11-22-12 TX - Ft.Worth, Thanksgiving tableOur Thanksgiving Table

11-22-12 TX - Ft.Worth, Thanksgiving, Dave sneaks a tasteDave sneaks a taste of the Thanksgiving feast

And now – for the BIG surprise….

We had been thinking about this for a while, but kept it a secret. Several months ago we got a glimpse of the 2013 model of our RV and loved the improvements they had made to the floor model.  In many ways they had made a lot of the changes that we had actually attempted to make to our 2009.  So we thought and talked about what if we could sell our 2009 and buy a 2013?  We looked many times in many states we visited, but nothing worked out.  Until now!

While having some repairs done to our 2009 Navion at the Camping World in Fort Worth, Dave ventured next door to the McClain’s RV Superstore and talked to one of the salesmen there.  Upon leaving, he left our card with a salesman with the message “If you can make us this deal, we will buy the RV,” not really expecting to hear from him anytime soon, if at all.  Two hours later we received the highly unexpected phone call.  By the following Monday we had purchased our new RV!!

11-27-12 Navion to View 1 - Our StuffAlmost everything we own in the world, temporarily stored on the floor of Geoff’s living room!

11-27-12 Navion to View 6 - Navion ready for trade-inOur old “house” ready for trade-in…

11-27-12 Navion to View 7 - Navion ready for trade-in…looks so empty

11-27-12 Navion to View 16 - Roberta drives Navion for the first timeDave and Roberta made an agreement at the start of their trip that Dave would be the sole driver.  But one mile from the dealer’s lot, Dave decided that Roberta should drive her RV the last mile into the lot – and here she is (nervously) doing just that!!

11-27-12 Navion to View 18 - Trade-in OdometerThe odometer reads 55,737 in the 2009 Navion as we say goodbye…

11-27-12 Navion to View 19 - Trade-in Clock…and the clock reads 2:51 pm on Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11-27-12 Navion to View 20 - Navion & View side by side, frontOld and new homes, side by side – 2009 Navion on the left and 2013 View on the right, front view…

11-27-12 Navion to View 21 - Navion & View side by side, back…and back view

And now for a first look inside –

11-27-12 TX - Ft. Worth, 2013 View 4Dave’s new living room

11-27-12 TX - Ft. Worth, 2013 View 3a, kitchenRoberta’s new kitchen

We can hardly wait to show it in person to all of our friends and family as we continue our travels around the US…Hope to see all of you soon…Stay tuned for the December “holiday edition” of our blog…..


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