2013 February

February 1-4

We only had three days to get to Denver, Colorado for Dave’s medical appointment so our trip there from Fort Worth was pretty quick and uneventful.  (Dave was scheduled to see an eye specialist in Denver in preparation for an eye surgery he had been planning since last summer.  More on the surgery next month….)

Once we arrived in Colorado we found a campground in Golden, which is only about 20 miles from Roberta’s mom and brother in Boulder.  We stayed a few nights there then decided it was a good location and paid for the month.

2-2-13 Dragon Building 2Before we even got out of Texas we started seeing some interesting sights along the road, like this dragon house!

State Senator RLDuncanAnd this interesting sign – is that Roberta’s relative or did they misspell her name and she has a secret life in Texas politics?

February 9-19

The weather was very mild when we first arrived but we did have a few snowstorms occasionally throughout the month.  However, nothing stuck for more than a few days.

2-9-13 Colorado SnowscapeWelcome to Colorado! We just LOVE the way things look after a snowstorm!!

2-14-13 Sherpa House 6We found this great restaurant in Golden called The Sherpa House

2-14-13 Sherpa House 3The entryway reminded us so much of our travels in Tibet!

2-14-13 Sherpa House 2The food was very good too so we plan to go back there

One day when Dave was working – he picks up day jobs here and there to supplement our retirement income – Roberta had a friend take her hiking at the nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater.  It was a beautiful day – no sign of the snow that had fallen a week ago.

2-17-13 CO1 - Red Rocks AmpitheatreLooking down at the stage from the top row of seats

2-17-13 CO2 - Red Rocks AmpitheatreThe natural rock formations are really pretty all around the theater…

2-17-13 CO8 - Red Rocks Ampitheatre…and the hiking trails are numerous

2-17-13 CO9 - Red Rocks AmpitheatreThere is a visitor center on the grounds that recounts with plaques and photos displayed on its walls all the various people that have performed there over the years.  (Roberta took this picture for Dave.)  The season starts in June so we just may be able to catch a show there before leaving Colorado.

2-19-13 Downtown Golden, CO 2Downtown Golden, Colorado

We were still “bike-less” so we decided one day to walk the 3 or 4 miles to downtown Golden and back to our campground.  The weather was cold but clear so it was a lovely trip.

Subaru 2We also decided that if we were going to be here through at least until July we had better have some form of transportation to get to around without having to “break camp” and drive the RV everywhere.  So we bought this little ’98 snow worthy Subaru – which we could tow if we need to – and so far we LOVE it!

February 24

Oscar Day has arrived! As we have done every year since we’ve been together,  we had tried to see every Oscar nominated movie before this special night.  As it turned out, we were just a few movies short as of the morning of the Oscars.  So, true to form, we braved a Colorado snowstorm to get to the theater that was showing them, and back to the campground in time to hear the opening monologue.  We did it!

2-24-13 Oscar Day Storm 3Not even a blizzard will stop us from seeing our Oscar nominated movies…ok, so it wasn’t actually a BLIZZARD, but there was A LOT of snow!

2-24-13 Oscar Day Storm 4Fearless Dave drives us to the theater and back

2-26-13 1 Snowy Day at StarbucksThe snow kept up for a few days this time and the weather was quite cold.  Great day to hang out at Starbucks!


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