2013 March

March 1

We celebrated Roberta’s 59th birthday in Manitou Springs (near Colorado Springs) with some new-found friends of ours.  He is a chain saw wood carver by trade and gave Roberta one of his popular bear carvings as a birthday gift.

3-1-13 Birthday Gift BearThe snow on the bear’s head is courtesy of Mother Nature!

3-30-13 Garden of the Gods 19Dave talks to Skully, our wood carving friend, outside his shop

3-1-13 CO - Garden of the Gods 1On the way to see our friends we stopped at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  This is a view from the patio outside the visitor center.

March 6-9

One of the most important reasons we came back to Colorado was to (finally) get Dave’s eye fixed.  He had noticed some vision changes last summer and was told during his annual eye exam in California that he had a “macular pucker” (look it up if you’re curious). We had looked into having the surgery done in Colorado last time we were here, instead of driving all the way back to California to have it done, but the bureaucratic wheels turned so slowly we ran out of time.  So we made sure to give them PLENTY of time before we got back to Colorado to get it scheduled.  The surgery was very successful and the recovery was a bit amusing for Dave – ask him about his “bubble” experience next time you see him….

3-6-13 Dave's Eye Surgery 3Dave waits patiently to go into surgery

3-6-13 Dave's Eye Surgery 5After the surgery, imitating a pirate (lol)

3-7-13 Dave with DoogieAt the followup appointment the day after the surgery, Dave posed with his eye surgeon, who he affectionately nicknamed “Doogie Howser” (for obvious reasons!)

3-9-13 CO BlizzardBeing “stuck” in the RV for several days after the surgery was not difficult when this is what Mother Nature blessed us with!!  So beautiful to look at….glad we didn’t have to drive in it…

March 22

One evening we went to the movies and came out to these beautiful scenes.  We LOVE the snow and the cold weather…we love traveling and living in it, knowing we can leave anytime if it gets TOO cold!

3-22-13 Denver Movie Theatre Snow 2

3-22-13 Denver Movie Theatre Snow 4

March 28

Boulder hadn’t really had a lot of snow up to the time we were there…but somehow enough accumulated for the snow plows to make this huge pile in the parking lot of the Twenty Ninth Street Mall…

3-28-13 Boulder Shopping Cart 2…and someone in Boulder has a very weird sense of humor!

3-28-13 Dave Demos the Bromptons 4We had a lot of fun riding our “unusual” bikes around Boulder.  Here Dave gives a demonstration of the folding and unfolding of them to some curious bystanders while I watch from inside the restaurant where we had ridden for lunch.

March 30

At the end of the month we left our campground in Golden, Colorado, where we had spent just over two months, and headed for Utah.  We traveled by way of Colorado Springs so that we could visit our friends there one more time.  We spent one day back at the Garden of the Gods, this time on our bicycles.  It was a wonderful ride on a day when the weather could not have been more perfect!

3-30-13 Garden of the Gods 1Dave stops to wait for Roberta to catch up, with a view of one the various fascinating rock formations visible behind him.

3-30-13 Garden of the Gods 5Balanced Rock

3-30-13 Garden of the Gods 14The Three Graces

3-30-13 Garden of the Gods 17Tower of Babble

If you read our blog regularly, you have probably figured out by now that we have slowed down considerably in our travels.  Since leaving Austin in February we have spent a lot of time in Colorado and plan to spend several more months there and in Utah. With our aging parents in these two states, we have decided that we want to spend as much of our time as possible with them in the upcoming months.

We also have many new friends now in this part of the US, as well as some longer-term ones, and are enjoying seeing them again.  We also are finding that by slowing down in our travels we are really getting to know places better by staying longer in each place.

Besides, what’s the hurry….we have all the time in the world…


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