2013 April

April 6

We were invited by our friends in Fort Collins to visit for the weekend, so we decided to spend a day in Rocky Mountain National Park on the way to their house.  The weather was gorgeous and we had a wonderful time!

4-6-13 RMNP 2

Even the drive through the park was beautiful

4-6-13 RMNP 3

4-6-13 RMNP 4

Spring in northern Colorado…Does it get any better than this??

4-6-13 RMNP 7

Our hiking trail ran along this river

4-6-13 RMNP 21

Dave enjoying some of the interesting rock formations along the trail

4-6-13 RMNP 26

Eight months ago he might have gotten stuck in this crack =)

4-6-13 RMNP 30

Some of the wildlife we saw along the trail – well camouflaged!

4-6-13 RMNP 35

We love spring hiking!  The combination of snow and warmth are unbeatable.

4-6-13 CO - Poudre Canyon Drive 4

The view from the top of the trail

4-9-13 CO - Golden Snow Storm 2Shortly after that lovely weekend in the Fort Collins area, we had yet another

heavy spring snowfall in Golden

April 13

While visiting our friends in the Colorado Springs area we heard from some locals about “The Incline” – a very challenging hike favored by the locals and others for its beautiful views as well as its challenging terrain.  We just HAD to check it out…

4-13-13 CO - Manitou Springs 2

But before heading up the hill, we stopped to see the quaint

downtown area of Manitou Springs

4-13-13 CO - Manitou Springs 3

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 40

Fair warning!

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 5

Looking up from the bottom of “The Incline”

Doesn’t look THAT bad, does it??

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 7

We stopped at several points along the climb to catch our breath…

and a glimpse of the glorious view!

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 12

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 16

We think we could see Kansas in the distance from this elevation

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 21

Almost there…

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 22

Dave relaxes at the top while chatting with another climber

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 28

And now for the climb DOWN…

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 30

Climbing down afforded us just as many incredible views as the walk up

4-13-13 CO - The Incline 38

On our way down we stopped at the halfway point to watch other hikers on their ascent

April 16-17

4-15-13 CO - Taboo the Cat 1

Taboo, our friend’s kitty in Manitou Springs, says goodbye to Roberta

After all the beautiful spring weather we had just started to experience in Colorado, the strongest storm of the season decided to arrive the day we left for Utah.  We did our best to stay ahead of it, but still were snowed in in Leadville, CO for one night.  The next day the locals told us we would have about a three hour window to get over the mountain before the next, bigger, storm hit.  They suggested a safer route than the one we had originally planned on, and off we went.  We arrived safely for the next night in Green River, Utah…then saw the weather report for Colorado – not only was the road over the mountain we had just taken closed, even I-70 had so much snow that IT was closed!!  Whew! Another close call!!

4-16-13 CO1 - Leadville

View from the RV in Leadville, CO

(We were able to park for the night in the Ace Hardware parking lot – Thank you Ace Hardware!)

4-16-13 CO4 - RV on Snowy Hwy 91

The sun came out and melted a lot of the ice for our “escape” over the mountain to I-70…an incredibly beautiful drive that proved to be a lot easier than we thought it would be for Roberta’s first solo driving experience in these conditions! (She is following the RV in the Subaru, hence this picture.  Yes, she actually was taking pictures while driving this road….hmmmm.)

4-16-13 CO7 - Scenery along Hwy 91

4-16-13 CO8 - RV Wheel Icicles

What the??  These are ice crystals that formed on the RV  wheel hub while driving on this snowy road….another example of Mother Nature’s great sense of artistry/humor.

Once we crossed into Utah the scenery changed quite dramatically.  The storm we had experienced in Colorado had come straight south from Wyoming, not touching Utah to the west.  So here it was a bit warmer and drier with no detectable traces of winter left…but still a lovely drive.

4-17-13 UT3 - Black Dragon Canyon

Colorado to Utah and the ever changing view

4-17-13 UT5 - Black Dragon Canyon

Dave takes a rock climbing break from driving (still wearing his bluetooth headset!)

4-17-13 UT7 - Black Dragon Canyon

4-17-13 UT14 - Black Dragon Canyon

Wow! He’s really strong!  =)Lol

4-17-13 CO-UT Drive 4

Dave looking out over Black Dragon Canyon in Utah

4-17-13 CO-UT Drive 8

4-17-13 CO-UT Drive 12

Typical Utah scenery…never gets old!

We always try to find new routes to familiar places.  Dave decided this trip we would take Highway 31 over the Manti-La Sal Mountains through Fairview, Utah.  Climbing in altitude we traveled right back into winter!  But the views were so incredible we didn’t care about the road conditions.  Roberta insisted on stopping frequently to take pics.  These are just a few of the most beautiful.

4-17-13 CO-UT Drive 17

4-17-13 CO-UT Drive 21

4-17-13 CO-UT Drive 24

Something we’d never seen before – a wind skier.

4-17-13 CO-UT Drive 26

Is there anything prettier than a snowy landscape on a sunny day?!?!

4-17-13 CO-UT Drive 35

April 24-29

4-24-13 Provo Temple in bloom 1

While in Provo Dave’s Dad insisted we get a look at the annual spring planting at the Temple, so he drove us by to see it.  It WAS beautiful!

4-24-13 Provo Temple in bloom 5

The following picture needs some explaining – Roberta tried to burn down the new RV!  Actually, she was just trying to heat up a brownie.  It only needs 45 SECONDS, not 45 MINUTES, Roberta.  How long have you been using a microwave??????

4-29-13 Roberta tries to burn down the RV


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