2013 May

May 1-15

May was a pretty mellow month.  While finishing up our time in Provo, Utah with Dave’s parents he worked several days a week doing day labor as he had done in Colorado.  Every day that he worked Roberta spent a leisurely morning in the RV at the beautiful Lakeside RV Park in Provo, then hopped on her bike for the 6-mile ride to the McRaes, where she watched TV, played on the computer, read and napped until Dave got off work and came to get her…what a life!  We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with Mom & Dad McRae!!

5-4-13 Rainbow Laced Work Boots

Even Dave’s shoelaces make a political statement

5-2013 Provo River Bike Trail 1

The Provo River Bike Path went right from our campground past the McRae’s house…how convenient!

5-2013 Provo River Bike Trail 3

May 16-20

On May 16th we flew back to Boulder to attend the high school graduation of Roberta’s niece, Sophie, who (of course!) graduated with honors! She will be going all the way to DENVER to attend college in the fall.

5-18-13 Sophie's Graduation Prep4Sophie and her mom prepare to ride to graduation…

5-18-13 Sophie's Graduation Prep6

…on the scooter!

5-18-13 Sophie's Graduation Ceremony 2Look! There’s Sophie…sixth from the left in front =)

5-18-13 Sophie's Graduation Ceremony 8

Sophie with her two proud grandmas

May 22

5-22-13 Provo Temple Reconstruction Poster

Ever see a floating temple? Here’s one in Provo!

5-22-13 Provo Temple Reconstruction 2

May 24

Shortly after flying back to Provo we headed the RV south to Mesa, Arizona to meet our newest grandchild who was just about one week old by then.  Our trip from Utah to Arizona took us through Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. We briefly stopped at some of the touristy places along the way, like the old Railroad Pass Casino Museum.

5-24-13 Railroad Pass Casino Museum-Henderson, NV 1

Some vintage slot machines on display in the museum

5-24-13 Railroad Pass Casino Museum-Henderson, NV 2

Dave checks out some of the museum memorabilia

5-24-13 Railroad Pass Casino Museum-Henderson, NV 7

May 25-31

We ended the month in Mesa, Arizona entertaining the grandkids, as usual – aren’t grandkids FUN!!!

5-24-13 Roberta & Gracie 2

Roberta managed to get the first cuddle (beating Dave by the skin of her teeth!) with the newest of the Kleinschmidt clan. Gracie was born May 17th.

5-27-13 Mesa Grandkids 2

Grandpa Dave “pretends” to be asleep in the RV bed between Tyler and Emma.

5-27-13 Mesa Grandkids 8

The oldest and the youngest – Tyler holds Gracie…very carefully!

5-27-13 Mesa Grandkids 11

Just an infant last time we saw him, Jacob is now 18 months old

5-29-13 Mesa Grandkids 2Jacob finally is old enough to get his turn going on a walk with Grandpa


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