2013 September

September 1-18

By the time August 31st rolled around we had pretty much decided we wanted to stay on the Tacoma build for another two weeks. Luckily, they were happy to have us!

One of the most exciting reasons for staying the extra time was to attend our first Habitat wall raising! After the raising everyone involved write something in the foundation of the new home that will main there forever.

The time to actually leave did finally come and we hit the road again.

Washington bids us farewell with this amazing sunset

Washington bids us farewell with this amazing sunset

On the road again....

On the road again….

It was on this leg of the journey that the odometer on our 2013 RV hit….

...the first 10,000 miles

…the first 10,000 miles!

September 23-28

Our next build was to be in Salt Lake City, but of course we also spent some time with Dave’s family in Orem and Payson.  The build in Salt Lake was interesting because we were the first group of Habitat RV Care-A-vanners they had ever had, and they did not know what to expect.  I’m happy to say that our group FAR exceeded their expectations!! It was also especially interesting for us because it was our first remodel and our first deconstruct.  In addition, we spent a day and a half helping in the Habitat Re-Store, re-stocking and organizing supplies.

Our very first task in SLC was to finish all the details and clean up the remodel to be ready for the dedication that same evening.  I should have taken before and after pictures. Even WE could hardly believe what we had accomplished in one day!!

But most of our time was spent de-constructing an old Mormon church building.  The LDS Church had given the land to the American Cancer Society so they could build another “Hope House”, similar to “Ronald McDonald” houses, for use by the families of cancer patients being treated at nearby medical facilities.  The Cancer Society had no need for the existing building, so they told Habitat for Humanity that they could have everything they could salvage from it before the building is torn down.  And that was where WE came in =)

After the long week of work it was nice to spend some time with Dave’s parents in Orem and sister’s family in Payson before starting the long drive back to Colorado.



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