2014 Jan-Feb-Mar

Since we are in one place for a while now, and both working, we do not have much opportunity to site-see or do much exploring.  For this reason we decided we would lump together a few months at a time for our blog…..

New Year’s Day 2014, and beyond

One place we had not yet explored, even though it was really close to our campground, was the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave-site.  We decided it would be a good place to go on the one day we BOTH didn’t have to work! (Don’t forget to click on photos for captions or a better look.)

December had been unusually cold, even for Colorado as many locals told us, and January did not bring any relief from the snow or bitter cold.  It was beautiful, but hard to stay warm.  Roberta began substitute teaching mid-January and Dave continued his job building scaffolding with a local company.

One of the things we did in Colorado was to become Broncos fans….especially Roberta!  We had a great time being a fan when they won the AFC title.  We also found out that a long-time friend of Dave’s would be reuniting with her old Denver band at a local bar in town, so we showed up and surprised her.

Shawn Strubb reunites with 40th Day

Shawn Strubb reunites with 40th Day

Go Broncos!!

Go Broncos!!

One of the things we did to escape the Denver cold, at least temporarily, was to take advantage of the Southwest Airlines great deals and fly to Texas for a long weekend.  We flew into Dallas-Ft. Worth and spent two days with the grand-kids, then took the bus to Austin and spent two days with Roberta’s son, Mike, and his girlfriend, Michelle.  From Austin we flew back to Colorado.

February “Fun”

February did not bring too much relief from the cold and Super Bowl Sunday….well, let’s just day we were as shocked and dismayed as the rest of Denver that day =( By mid-February Roberta had become familiar with many schools in the area and was getting more and more calls to sub.  She was keeping pretty busy.

At one of the high schools where Roberta taught she saw this life-size piece of artwork.

Cellophane "Selfie"

Cellophane “Selfie”

March Madness

By March Roberta had become pretty well known in the local school district so she was getting jobs almost every day.  The weather had let up quite a bit but still there was an occasional reminder of the bitter winter that was slowly subsiding.  Roberta had also found a pretty good tennis group the previous summer and having been playing a lot more tennis lately she decided it would be fun to take a break from working and fly to California (thanks again to another Southwest Airlines sale!) to visit old friends and spend a day at Indian Wells.

Spring Break came the last week of March and Roberta convinced Dave to do something she had been wanting to do for a while.  We had met a couple that, by sheer coincidence, his line of work was RV remodeling.  Roberta had discussed with him what it would take to “remodel” the wardrobe closet in our RV, and he offered to do all the work for us for free if we just bought the materials!!  And what an incredible job he did!!

So that’s where we’re at for the first quarter of 2014…..


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