2014 Apr-May-June

April in Colorado

Dave was no longer working at the scaffolding job and we considered leaving Colorado, but Roberta was enjoying the substitute teaching and thought it might be a good idea to finish out the school year.  We continued to see Roberta’s mom for dinner every Sunday evening in Boulder.

Dave also decided to start a new Wednesday evening tradition – We play a game or two of gin rummy after dinner.

Our new Wednesday evening tradition

Our new Wednesday evening tradition

Easter Sunday in Boulder on Pearl Street

And it was in April when Roberta got some very unexpected but exciting news from her younger son, Mike, and his girlfriend, Michelle….

 Mike's Baby Ultrasound 4-2-2014


May Musings

Dave’s 55th birthday was on Friday May 2nd and Roberta decided it would be fun to take him on a surprise overnight trip to Aspen, Colorado for a Stephen Marley concert.  Aside from driving about 1oo miles on the wrong road (we don’t know which Colorado roads are closed until late Spring!!) it was a fun trip.

Then it was Mother’s Day…..

Then it was the beginning of the new season for the Denver Cruisers weekly Wednesday evening crazy Bike Rides through downtown Denver.   Can you guess each of these themes??  (Roberta had a lot of fun riding her bicycle in those boots!)

What a pretty way to end the rainy month of May in Denver…..

2014-05-31 Denver Rainbow


June Jaunts

As they say, “All good things must come to an end” and our time in Colorado was rapidly drawing to a close.  It was quickly becoming obvious to both of us that this parting was going to be bittersweet.  We had made so many good friends here it was going to be hard to go.  But the open road beckoned us…..

But first we joined the Wednesday night bicycle riders for one last raucous night in Denver.  The theme…Summer Camp.

Denver Cruisers Bike Ride Night #4 - Summer Camp theme

Denver Cruisers Bike Ride Night #4 – Summer Camp theme

And then there was more news from Roberta’s son, Mike…..It’s a girl!!  Eva Grace Wong is due about mid-October.  Here’s her latest “photo”.  Isn’t she adorable?

Eva Grace Wong 6-9-14 - 21 wks. gestation


Roberta had planned to surprise Dave for Father’s Day with a trip to Colorado Springs to see the local Pow Wow (Dave used to regularly attend such pow wows in California many years ago) so our trip started there.

Goodbye Golden Terrace RV Park

Goodbye Golden Terrace RV Park


Colorado Springs Native American Pow Wow

Colorado Springs Native American Pow Wow

Our plans were to arrive in Idaho Falls, ID for our next Habitat for Humanity build that was to begin June 23.  Since we had plenty of time we stopped at a campground in Thayne, Wyoming for 2 days on the way to Idaho.

Welcome to Wyoming!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Wyoming!!!!!!!!!

Yes, this is a real sign on the door of the local Taco Time Restaurant!



The drive from Wyoming to Idaho was beautiful and it took us through some back country that Dave was familiar with from his college days.


We arrived in Idaho Falls on Friday June 20th and settled into our campground.  Roberta was thrilled that she would finally be able to use her hammock!!!


The falls in downtown Idaho Falls, ID

The falls in downtown Idaho Falls, ID

By Monday, June 23rd we had met all of our fellow Habitat builders and were ready to start bright and early on Tuesday morning.  As it so happened, the work that day was to be putting the roof trusses up on the house…..quite a hefty start to our Idaho building experience.  But it turned out to be a great and very productive day =)


Day 2 of the build was erecting the front porch and covering the roof with plywood for starters.  Roberta and another Care-a-Vanner helped Dave put up fascia, and then Roberta and her helper built (and signed) a wall.

Roberta and Iris demonstrate a very effective way to hammer nails into plywood siding

Roberta and Iris demonstrate a very effective way to hammer nails into plywood siding

On Friday of this first week the dedication of the new Idaho Falls Habitat for Humanity Restore was held.  The town’s mayor was there to help cut the ribbon, and so were our RV Care-a-Vanners.

And so ends the month of June.  See you next month!!


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  1. Jeri & Dave Alton Tacoma Washington build says:

    congrats on the new addition, we are headed for SD for a couple builds. Love seeing your posts.

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