2014 August

August 2014

Whoa!  September went by so fast I forgot to publish our August update!!  Sorry, faithful followers…..and here is a quick recap of the month.

August 3-4

After spending a lovely few days in Provo with Dave’s family we stopped in St. George to visit our friend, Monique.  It was a restful few days – a welcome respite in our travels =)

Dinner in St. George was very entertaining as well as tasty!

Dinner in St. George was very entertaining as well as tasty!

August 6-31

We arrived at our destination in Corona, California and set up camp.  Unfortunately we have no pictures that we can share of this lovely resort where we stayed – because it is a nudist resort.  (For those of our friends & family that didn’t previously know this – yes, we are nudists and often enjoy resorts like this!)  It is one of our most favorite places to visit in Southern California, and this visit the weather was especially nice.  Roberta enjoyed many days each week of tennis and participated once a week in the yoga class.  We both indulged in an occasional bike ride and in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi as often as possible.  We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend parties and events as well. Dave did many “practice walks” and even a few outdoor overnight stays in the local mountains in preparation for his upcoming epic journey!

One of the reasons we had traveled to California was to attend the wedding of Dave’s niece, Lauren on August 16th.  It was great to have so many family members together again =)

(Don’t forget to scroll or click over each photo for the caption)

Toward the end of our stay one of Roberta’s friends treated her to a trip to San Diego’s Blacks Beach.  It was glorious weather that day and turned out to be a wonderful trip!!

On the evening of Sunday, August 31st, Roberta surprised Dave with a Farewell Get-Together of our Glen Eden friends.  We all gathered for a pot luck dinner outside our RV.  Dave had said many times that he wished he could have a crowd of friends at the pier to see him off on September 1st…….this was the next best thing…..SURPRISE =)

2014-08-31 Dave's Farewell

The month came quietly to a close as Roberta and Dave prepared to say goodbye so Dave could begin his epic journey on September 1st…….


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