2014 November

November 1-3

November brought a lot of changes to life in Colorado.  Dave had begun to run into problems on his walk and was seriously considering the need to make changes to his original plans.  He was finishing a two week detour that had put him in Arizona with his daughter’s family, helping them move into their new home, when he decided to come to Colorado for a week long “visit” with Roberta while he reconsidered the logistics and purpose of his walk.

In the meantime Mother Nature continued giving little reminders that winter was just around the corner, and Roberta spent some of her free time experimenting with new recipes.

Winter is approaching....

Winter is approaching….


Yummy!  A new recipe to try out

Yummy! Cinnamon oatmeal bread – A new recipe to try out

November 5-12

Dave arrived at Denver Airport and Roberta was anxiously awaiting his arrival.  It was an emotional reunion!  After several days of talking and considering all the options, we decided that it would be best for Dave to temporarily put his walk on hold while we addressed several financial and health issues that needed to be dealt with sooner rather than later.  It was a very difficult decision………one that did not come easily for either Dave or Roberta.  Dave would be staying in Colorado and accompanying Roberta to Austin at the end of the month.

November 16-20

Many months previously, Roberta and her mother had planned a trip to Austin together so “Great-Grandma” could meet her new great-granddaughter for the first time.  As the Colorado weather had unexpectedly turned bitterly cold much earlier than expected, it was probably a good thing that the recent change in plans meant that Dave would be in Colorado to care for the RV while Roberta was gone.  Sub-zero temperatures make living in an RV quite a challenge!!

Roberta and her Mom flew out of Denver on December 16th.

Ready to go =)

Welcome to Austin!!

Roberta and her Mom could hardly wait to meet Eva!  It was early enough once they arrived in Austin to stop by and visit at Mike’s house.  Everyone was there – Kevin, Vanessa, and Johann had come to Austin the day before and were having dinner with Mike and Michelle.

Apollo "guarding" Eva & Michelle

Big Brother Apollo “guarding” Eva & Michelle

Mike had a surprise for his grandma.  Many decades ago his grandmother had handmade a table with a tile top. After moving out of California Roberta had stored the table at Mike’s house and Mike had decided that he would like to repair the table and use it in his house. Grandma was pleasantly surprised to see her old table, especially in its new, beautiful form!!

We decided to do a little “sightseeing” while in Austin, so we visited the LBJ Presidential Museum on the UT Austin campus.

On November 2oth Roberta and her Mom flew from Austin to Phoenix, where Roberta’s mom was going to stay for Thanksgiving with her other daughter, Wendy, and her husband, at their new home in Scottsdale.

Mom resting at Wendy's home in Scottsdale, AZ with Wendy's cat TenTen at her side

Mom resting at Wendy’s home in Scottsdale, AZ with Wendy’s cat TenTen at her side

November 22-30

On Saturday, November 22 Roberta flew back to Denver and Dave met her at the airport in the RV, and we started our drive to Texas.  We took our time driving, and spent a quiet, peaceful Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City, where we enjoyed a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal at the local Cracker Barrel Restaurant =)  On November 29th we arrived in Fort Worth at the home of Dave’s son, Geoff, and his family, where we spent about a week before continuing our drive on to Austin.



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