2015 April – May – June

April 2015 Recap

While in Colorado Roberta received a phone call from an Austin school in which she had worked a few days in February.  They asked if she would be interested in a full time position as a TA in a special ed classroom until the end of the current school year.  She gave it a lot of thought then decided to do it.  Upon returning to Austin in early April, right after spring break, she started her job there.

Great Thai food as well as a great sense of humor!

Great Thai food as well as a great sense of humor!

Roberta also had been playing a lot of tennis with several different meetup groups she had joined in Austin, and her efforts were beginning to pay off as she found more and more players at her level who love tennis as much as she does.  It was at one of these meetups where she met her future mixed doubles partner, John Foster, who was about to become her co-champion……..

May 2015 Recap

The month started out with a celebration of Dave’s 56th birthday at a local restaurant that he loves named Threadgill’s.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

One of Roberta’s tennis groups had been advertising a tournament coming up in May at a place called Horseshoe Bay, about an hour drive from Austin, and Roberta decided to ask John to be her partner in the tournament.  It was a gorgeous place, with (pseudo) red clay courts but Friday evening it rained continuously, so they were not even able to get on to a court to practice.  Instead they found a local carnival and had some fun (see below, lol)  In spite of the rain the courts remained dry long enough on Saturday and Sunday to play the matches without too many delays.

Roberta monkeying around

Roberta monkeying around with a new friend at the carnival

And lo and behold……Roberta & John won first place in the 3.5 mixed doubles category!!!

2015-05-10 Horseshoe Bay Tournament 6 Trophies

Horseshoe Bay 3.5 Mixed Doubles Champs 2015

What a GREAT Mother's Day weekend!!!

What a GREAT Mother’s Day weekend!!!

The rest of the month was pretty uneventful.  John and Roberta became good friends and he, being an Austin native, was kind enough to show her many “tourist” places (when they could tear themselves away from the tennis courts) and to help her sample many “native” Austin foods.


Roberta really enjoyed her job at the elementary school and learned a lot from the awesome team that she had the pleasure to work with there.  One day the team decided it would be fun to teach the students all about “mock apple pie”.

One Sunday morning, during Dave & Roberta’s traditional watching of “Sunday Morning” on CBS, Roberta decided to try HER hand at making the migas that John had taught her to make.  Voila!

Roberta's Migas

Roberta’s Migas

June 2015 Recap

The school year ended on June 4 and Roberta was looking forward to the summer break!

June 4th was Water Day!!

Shortly after the end of the school year Roberta & John entered another local tennis tournament at Lost Creek.  There was only one other entry at their level in the mixed doubles competition, but they beat them, despite brutal humidity that almost knocked Roberta out, to win another trophy.  They celebrated at County Line Restaurant in Austin with their famous ribs.

Roberta continued to unwind from the stressful job she had just completed by listening to music and cooking, while Dave continued to work at the MegaPlex next door to the RV park.

Next, was a trip to Fort Worth.  Roberta had to fly to St.Louis for her annual doctor visit and it was best for her to fly from Ft. Worth instead of Austin, so she took the bus there and Dave drove there to pick her up when she returned.  At least that was the plan.  What actually happened was that Dave got stuck at the RV repair shop in Fort Worth for 3 days alone, while Roberta’s return flight to Ft.Worth got diverted to, of all places, Austin! due to very high winds and lightening where she had to stay with a friend until Dave drove the RV back, alone, to Austin, after not even getting to see the grandkids at all because he couldn’t get a ride to their house.  Weird, but true!!!!!

And now for the highlight of the month of June……the much anticipated trip…..months in the planning….the 5oth anniversary Fare Thee Well Concert of the Dead in Santa Clara, California!!

Roberta flew to Phoenix, Arizona the Wednesday before the concert weekend so she could visit her mother since she had recently relocated to Scottsdale. Then Roberta was able to pick up her stepdaughter, Aubrey, and fly with her to San Jose. Dave’s two sons, Geoff and Joel, drove up from Southern California Friday and Dave flew in from Austin on Saturday afternoon.  We stayed at the beautiful San Jose Garden Airport Hotel, which was just across the street from the light rail that took us directly to Levi Stadium in less than 20 minutes.

(Be sure to scroll over each picture to read it’s caption)

2015-06-27 Aubrey & Roberta at SkyHarbor

Roberta and Aubrey at SkyHarbor Phoenix Airport on Saturday morning waiting to board their plane to San Jose

Sunday morning Roberta did a little exploring by herself in downtown Santa Clara.

And, of course, since this was the first time in 20+ years that Dave had his three kids together, at a Dead show no less (!) – family pics were a must =)

And so began the summer of 2015 ………


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