2015 July

July 2015

With summer now in full swing Roberta started to really enjoy her free time.  On the 4th of July her friend John took her to see some fireworks….

Austin Fireworks

Austin Fireworks

Then, that same weekend, Dave and Roberta went to the local Austin theater to watch the Chicago Fare Thee Well concert presented by Fathom Events.

Fare Thee Well Chicago at Fathom Events

Fare Thee Well Chicago at Fathom Events

Roberta had originally planned a two week trip to Denver and California for late in July but then had canceled it.  But during a phone conversation with her good friend Randy in Denver, she decided, spur of the moment, to go to Denver after all.  She and Randy planned a 4-day road trip to southern Colorado, then several days of great tennis during her week long stay.

Only in Colorado!

Only in Colorado!

The road trip began as soon as Randy picked her up from DIA and they headed south toward Durango.

Open road Colorado

Open road Colorado

Randy had lived and worked in that part of Colorado many years previous, so he took Roberta to see his old stomping grounds.

Randy's former

Randy’s former “home”

Next stop – Treasure Falls.  Treasure Falls is a waterfall located off U.S. Highway 160 about 15 miles northeast of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The falls are named after a local legend of a treasure of gold on the mountain that the falls plunge from.

Treasure Falls

Treasure Falls

2015-07-13 Denver 35

Colorado deer – a common sight

2015-07-14 Southern CO 00

Thanks Randy =)

Roberta had had a dental procedure done just before the trip so she could hardly chew anything.  Randy was thoughtful enough to bring his blender on the trip so Roberta could blend all her meals!!

2015-07-14 Southern CO 05

Chimney Rock

After the night in Pagosa Springs, Randy and Roberta headed to Durango, Colorado where they boarded the Durango-Silverton Train.  In spite of rain forecasts, some of which were right, the day turned out to be beautiful!

The scenery kept getting better and better as the train headed up the mountain….

Lunch in Silverton at Grumpy’s Restaurant and Saloon…..

2015-07-14 Southern CO 68

….then the bus ride back to Durango, on which Randy and Roberta BOTH fell asleep so there are no pictures to share!!

From Durango they drove east to Great Sand Dunes National Park, located in southeastern Colorado.

In spite of the heat, climbing the sand dunes turned out to be a fantastic adventure.  And coming down the dunes was even more fun than going up them!!

We made it to the top! Boy is it windy up here!

We made it to the top! Boy is it windy up here!

Soon it was time to head home to Lakewood, so we got back on the road.  It was a wonderful trip!!

Back in Lakewood, Colorado, Randy had to return to work, so Roberta looked for ways to busy herself.  Walking to a local salon to get her nails done was one way she kept busy.

Another way Roberta kept busy was by checking out the nearby disc golf course.  As soon as she arrived though, a lightening storm began so she had to take cover at a nearby high school until the storm passed.  The she decided to walk back to Randy’s place because it was a nice day for walking.

Safely back at Randy’s apartment, Maggie is there to greet Roberta.

Lovable Maggie

Lovable Maggie

And this is the “guest room” where Roberta stayed in Randy’s apartment.  It was actually VERY comfy.

Home away from home

Home away from home

Of course a vacation in Colorado wouldn’t be complete without some Bear Valley TENNIS!!

Sonny, Brad, Richard & Roberta at Bear Valley Tennis Courts in Colorado

Upon returning to Texas, the summer fun continued with BBQ’s, disc golf, relaxation in the hammock, a trip to see the grand kids in Fort Worth, and, of course, MORE TENNIS for Roberta.


Fort Worth to see the grand-kids………..

……and included in the trip was Roberta and John competing in the Fort Worth USTA Adult Major Zone Tournament. Roberta and John lost in the first round of their mixed doubles (first time playing 4.0), but John won the consolation round of his 4.0 singles =)





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