2015 December

December was a difficult month.  Dave and Roberta had had many discussions about their current circumstances, and basically disagreed about everything.  Following several months of counseling – both together and separately – Roberta had decided that, for her own well-being and self-nurturing, a physical separation from Dave was necessary.  Dave did not agree with her choice, but it had become inevitable for Roberta.  With the help of a mediator/counselor they agreed on the terms of the separation and the plan was that Roberta would be taking her RV and moving to another RV Park in Austin while Dave would be staying in the Park where they had been living (because it was so close to his job) in the new/used trailer that Roberta bought for him.

Needless to say, the holidays were bittersweet.


A new, updated plate for the RV for Christmas


And Roberta finally bought the jeep she always wanted – red for Christmas??

Texas weather in December ain’t half bad!

Hard to miss the Colorado snow while relaxing in a hammock!!

Before making the RV move at the end of the month, Roberta spent most of December in, you guessed it, Corona, CA, playing tennis.  She did take a few days off over Christmas to fly to Phoenix to see the Kleindschmidt grand kids and her mom and sister.



Gracie, Tyler, Jacob, Emma

Wow, they grow up so fast!!

Christmas dinner was at Roberta’s sister Wendy’s house.  And Wendy’s daughter, Michelle, was there as well.


Wendy and Michelle had spent a LOT of time baking Christmas cookies. YUMMMMMMM!!!!!

YES, they tasted as good as they looked!!!


Roberta’s RV and Jeep ready for the move.


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