2016 June

Summers in Colorado are beautiful, and this one was no different than any other I’d experienced.  Although the rent was quite steep in the RV Park I found, it was comfortable and very conveniently located near my friend Randy’s apartment and the tennis courts I frequented all summer.

South Park Senior RV Community, Englewood, CO


Of course my hammock must go with me everywhere.  So I gave up looking for trees to hang it on and bought a portable hammock stand.  It works great!!

The bike path ran right up to the back of the RV park and took me right to the tennis courts at Bear Valley Park.  And the ride was so beautiful!!

Of course the summer activities included not only tennis but roller skating with Randy……



Unfortunately, the summer was not all fun and games.  On the morning of Friday June 17th, tragedy struck.  Geoff McRae, Dave’s oldest son, was killed by a drunk driver outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Dave’s two sons, Geoff and Joel, were driving from Geoff’s home in Fort Worth, Texas to Provo, Utah to attend the wedding of one of their cousins, when a drunk driver crossed the center median and hit them head-on.  Joel miraculously sustained only minor injuries, but Geoff, who was driving, died instantly. He was just 29 years old.   Words cannot express the horror and pain that this tragedy caused – and continues to cause – to the McRae family and their friends and loved ones.


Geoff left behind his beautiful young wife, McKenzie, and 3 children who loved him dearly – his 5 year old stepson Adam, 3 year old daughter Harley, and 2 month old son Dexter.


The McRae Family will never be the same again.geoff-tribute

Rest in Peace, dear Geoff.  You are loved and missed by so many!!!



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