2013 July

July 1-17

Dave started working a lot during the month of July, so Roberta did a lot of exploring on her own via her bicycle and the Denver RTD Light Rail, which had just added service from Golden to downtown Denver in April.  There was also time for concerts at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison – just a few miles up the road from our campground!

(Be sure to click on each photo to see the caption!)

July 21

Being Renaissance Faire/Festival lovers we couldn’t miss the Colorado version when it came to town.

2013-7-21 CO RenFest 3 poster

Dave dressed appropriately for the occasion in his kilt and Scotland t-shirt and ate appropriately too =)

Dave dressed appropriately for the occasion in his kilt and Scotland t-shirt and ate appropriately too =)

July 28

The undeniable highlight of the month was Roberta’s mother’s 90th birthday!! The actual date was July 16, 2013, but to accommodate the schedules of all family members we celebrated on the weekend of July 28th. Actually, we started celebrating on the 27th and continued through the 30th!!  The celebration started on Friday when Seena Winston, Doris’s friend of more than 60 years, and her daughter, Sharon, surprised her by showing up in Boulder, unexpectedly.  On Saturday, Doris’s oldest daughter, Wendy Filler, and her husband, Michael, and daughter, Michelle, who had all just flown in from Washington state, took her out to dinner at a local restaurant.  Unbeknownst to Doris, several other people were waiting at the restaurant – her son, Doug, and his wife, Laura, and daughter, Sophie, Roberta and Dave, and Roberta’s two sons, Kevin and Mike Wong who had each flown in from Austin, Texas and Melbourne, Australia (where Kevin had been working the previous week and stopped on his way home to SF, CA).  Needless to say, Doris was quite overwhelmed by all the surprises!

Sunday we all went to brunch, and then relaxed at Doug and Laura’s home in Boulder that afternoon.  Yet another surprise was to come – The son and family of a lifelong work buddy of Robert Duncan, Doris’s late husband, just happened to be in town that day and dropped by to say hello.  On Tuesday morning, before heading out to the airport to return to their respective homes, Kevin and Mike, with mom Roberta, cooked breakfast for “PauPau” at her apartment.  “PauPau” is the Chinese name for maternal grandmother – and is the name that Kevin and Mike have known her by ever since learning it from their dad as children.

The matriarch of the Duncan family, Doris, with her 4 grandchildren – (left to right) Michelle Filler, 21, Kevin Wong, 28, Doris, Mike Wong, 25, and Sophia Duncan, 18

(Click on photos for captions)

July 30

We ended the month back at Red Rocks Amphitheater attending another concert.  This one was a tribute to the Grateful Dead.  Another beautiful evening of the Colorado summer!!


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