2015 August

2015 August


Home, sweet home…..still enduring the hot, humid Austin weather………..

With the first birthday of our Austin granddaughter, Eva Grace, just around the corner, Dave decided that he wanted to do something EXTRA special in honor of her.  So he designed and built from scratch this incredible shadow box.  It took a lot of work, but it was truly a piece of art when finished =)


This month also brought Roberta some horrible news about a childhood friend of hers.  Her dear friend from way back in the high school years, Jeanette Minier, had tragically taken her own life the previous December. Roberta had not been in contact with any of her old high school buddies so did not hear of this tragedy until she reconnected with some of them on Facebook.  Sadly, she had also missed the memorial service give in Jeanette’s honor the previous March.  One of her Facebook friends in the GHS alumni group was kind enough to mail her copies from the service and some of the articles published in the local paper where Jeanette had been living the past 20+ years (South Lake Tahoe).

Clearly Jeanette was deeply loved by many, many people.  A tragic loss for the world =(


About mid-summer Roberta decided that the subbing thing was not really enjoyable nor very cost-effective for her any longer and so had been pursuing tutoring jobs in the Austin district. She eventually found and gladly accepted the position of math tutor at Lee Elementary School in Austin.  Her “classroom” was actually the book-room at the school – a type of location she was very familiar with after all her years of teaching Special Ed in LAUSD & ABCUSD in California, often in whatever space in the school that could be found for her classroom!!  With Dave’s help, she made it work =)  Thanks Dave for building Roberta’s very functional white boards!

Roberta and her Groupons!!  She found one for a day of hiking with a tour at Westcave Preserve in Round Mountain near Austin.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and an interesting hike, even if a bit “touristy”.

See y’all next month………..


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