2014 December

December 1-5

This was our last few days in Fort Worth before heading south to Austin.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the grandkids – taking them to the movies and to get ice cream – and visiting their Dad (Dave’s son Geoff) at his office in downtown Fort Worth.

December 6-19

We arrived at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin on Saturday afternoon.  We had waited to make our reservations in Austin, so all the RV campgrounds in the area were full and the only option left for us was to stay in various state parks, each for two weeks at a time.  Not all that convenient, but certainly beautiful!

During our stay at the state park, we had a visit from a California friend, Jeff, who was in Austin visiting his daughter.  We gave him the “tour” of the famous local food trucks, and then of McKinney Falls.

December 20

We were very fortunate, after all, to find an RV Resort in Austin with ONE vacancy, and moving day was Saturday, December 20.  Before packing up and leaving McKinney Falls, we took one more bike ride through the park.

Our campsite in McKinney Falls State Park was really beautiful and peaceful!

Our campsite at McKinney Falls

Our campsite at McKinney Falls

December 21-25

Once we were settled in the RV Resort, we were finally able to put up our Christmas decorations…….better late than never!

Our visits with our new granddaughter have been few and far between, but she is sure beautiful whenever we do see her!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Eva laughing

Beautiful Eva laughing

One evening Dave even made homemade eggnog, which was incredibly TASTY….

Dave's homemade eggnog.........yummy!!!!!!

Dave’s homemade eggnog………yummy!!!!!!

One day we found ourselves in downtown Austin on business, and decided to make a day of it, having a great lunch at an interesting restaurant and then taking a stroll down a street in a vintage Austin neighborhood.

Christmas Day – Dave surprised Roberta by finding a way to hang up her hammock at their campsite – yeah!! Then made sure she had some of her favorite drink on hand for those days when she REALLY would need to relax, hehe……

New Year’s Eve rolled around and, in spite of making tentative plans to go out on the town, we decided not to brave the freezing wet weather and stayed home, cuddling on the sofa, until midnight, where we happily rang in the New Year…………………



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